SharePoint Governance

What is SharePoint Governance?

Now that you've determined you want to implement SharePoint in your organization, developing a plan for how that will be achieved is a critical first step. This process is called SharePoint Governance.

A governance plan outlines the rules and procedures for how your company will implement and use SharePoint. Governance First is a SharePoint must and the best way to make sure that risks are mitigated, cost is kept to a minimum, functionality is at its peak, your environment is secure, and that your organization is compliant.

In our years of experience with SharePoint, we've seen many organizations skip this step. The outcome is typically the company has to take a step back, develop the governance plan and move forward again successfully, or do nothing and eventually stop using the system altogether. Our expertise in developing these plans means we are able to assist you at the start of the project, in the middle or after it's been completed.

Spindustry offers SharePoint Governance training and mentoring services. We'll review your needs, concerns and goals to help you maximize the return on your SharePoint investment and minimize the risks you'd otherwise encounter.

The Client Experience

"Spindustry led us in robust discussions of topics that leveraged the instructor's knowledge of SharePoint with our business processes and helped us define what we needed for SharePoint Governance."

- Karla H. -

Iowa Department of Transportation