SharePoint Data Migration

Ready to move your files to SharePoint or Office 365?

Spindustry’s team of experts can transfer all of your files into SharePoint in a secure and reliable way. We can do the heavy lifting or we can train your team how to go through the process. Our team has years of experience in moving large amounts of data and small amounts of data efficiently. In addition to moving your data, we will make sure that we apply best practices to your SharePoint environment during the process. We can help you with:

  • Setting up and configuring your new SharePoint environment
  • Creating and adhering to SharePoint Best Practices
  • Moving files from Shared Drives to SharePoint
  • Moving Files from Shared Drives to OneDrive
  • Moving files from existing SharePoint libraries to new SharePoint libraries
  • Migrating from one version of SharePoint to a newer version of SharePoint
  • Learning how to use your new environment

We can do the work for you or we can train you how to do it!

Important! Before you transfer your data…

Make sure that you are using best practices. Creating and maintaining good document hygiene helps to ensure a long-lasting SharePoint environment. This also helps you find what you are looking for when you are looking for it. Data Migration is the ideal time to make the necessary modifications to your data so that SharePoint and Office 365 features like Search, Document Management, Records Management, and other features can help improve your productivity. This makes it easier for your users to find and work with their documents, makes the system user-friendly, and also improves office efficiency.

When is the right time to upgrade?

Any network or system upgrades require careful planning. To minimize down time and technical problems, evaluating your current environment and future goals is important. Whether you plan to upgrade to a newer version of SharePoint or change hosting locations, knowing your options is key.

Spindustry helps you determine if and when it is the right time to upgrade. Many organizations are currently working to upgrade from SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013, to SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Online. By evaluating the current system and your needs, we can determine if the latest version has the features and functions you need for continued growth. We are well-versed in the different versions of SharePoint, which means we can more quickly identify any potential upgrade issues and a solution to move past those challenges.

Similar to a migration, the initial implementation of SharePoint requires thorough planning. Spindustry has the technical resources to help you prepare and implement SharePoint in your environment or migrate your current version.