"​Any successful launch begins with strategic partnerships. When Bankers Trust set out to redesign our website, we knew Spindustry would bring an important design perspective, balanced with excellent attention to detail. Spindustry delivered on both of these promises."

- Jana R. -

Bankers Trust

"​When our organization decided to purchase and install SharePoint, we had no one with a working knowledge of the system who could create a site from scratch for the entire organization to use. My colleague and I were chosen to become the SharePoint experts. We chose to have our training with Spindustry because of their reputation for training in the Des Moines area.

"We signed up for a five-day boot camp and learned so much more than just how to create a site. Our instructor, Jarrod Edge, was delightful to work with, and his knowledge of SharePoint was quite evident. We discussed the philosophy and importance of governance of the site, learned how to structure the site to maximize use of security and permission levels, and learned ways to build solutions that meet our organization's needs. And, of course, there was plenty of hands-on training. Everyone in the class had a computer on which to build a SharePoint site.

"​Our organization opted to have Jarrod come on-site to assist with our initial site setup. His visit was both instructional and productive. Afterwards, Jarrod was very helpful in answering questions and following up on our progress.

"We are thrilled with the instruction, guidance and support that we have received from Spindustry, not only from Jarrod, but also from our sales representative, Tara Walter. She was extremely helpful with the registration process as well as our follow up visit.

"Spindustry's training curriculum and staff are outstanding, and we definitely look to continuing our partnership with them in the future."

- Lori R. -

First American Bank

"​UnityPoint Health is very fortunate to have a partner in Spindustry for our training needs. Patty is extremely proficient in many of the Office platforms and SharePoint knowledge. She gives the classroom structure to real-world situations. We recently acquired a new facility in Wisconsin, and support staff was experiencing higher numbers in call volumes. Patty spent many hours, on-site, training the staff on Office Suite and SharePoint. Since that has occurred, we have seen a drastic decrease in our call volume. This within itself is a huge win for the UnityPoint Health organization."

- Ellen B. -

UnityPoint Health

"​If you are considering hiring a company to build your SharePoint site, I'd recommend finding the person on your staff who is capable of learning how to build it with Spindustry's guidance. Launching a site is only one piece of the solution. Maintaining your SharePoint site and making sure it works for your staff and the company's long-term needs is the key. Spindustry effectively delivers both in a cost-effective manner.

"I contracted 16 hours of training with Spindustry and was able to build the framework of our SharePoint site that contracting out would have cost thousands more. Because the trainer asked the right questions, we built the site to meet our long-term needs."

- Rhonda O. -

Metro Waste Authority

"When the Iowa Department of Transportation was in the process of developing a governance plan for the implementation and deployment of SharePoint 2010 we found ourselves in the situation where we needed to govern SharePoint without any experience at hand. We did not feel that traditional training would address the needs of how to govern the platform, so we elicited proposals to provide technical recommendations and expertise in the arena of Governance of SharePoint 2010. Our main objectives were to improve the technical understanding of the Governance team members so they could gain the skills needed to fulfill their role on the governance team and to build a workable governance document that employed solid standards. We had a checklist of topics and the need to complete the task in a 1-day workshop.

"We were very impressed with Spindustry's attention to detail in customizing the workshop to fit our needs and delivering a product within our time frame. Jarrod Edge, the instructor and workshop leader, was very knowledgeable. Jarrod lead the workshop by toggling between the beginning outline of our governance document, our prioritized checklist of topics and demonstrating the functionality and features of SharePoint from his laptop. He made it clear to the committee the concepts and terminology that are unique to SharePoint. He lead us in robust discussions of topics that leveraged his knowledge of SharePoint with our business processes and helped us define what we need for SharePoint governance. He worked the white boards with diagrams and examples until we came to understand the topics at hand. Jarrod has the real world working experience an expert needs above and beyond mere certifications that some trainers offer. It was apparent in his ability to show us what we needed to know as opposed to just explain to us what we needed to decide upon.

"We were impressed. I can confidently say that Jarrod is among the best of the instructors/trainers we have had at the Iowa DOT."

- Karla H. -

Iowa Department of Transportation

"​The City of West Des Moines has been working with Spindustry Training for the past couple of years. In that time we have focused on the customization of our Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint environment for over 700 full time city employees. These projects include a citywide document record center, customized SharePoint software applications and Microsoft Office training opportunities. Jarrod Edge has been retained for his consulting services as well as SharePoint training coursework, in which all city employees are in the process of attending. The positive feedback from employees that have attended Mr. Edge's training has been overwhelming, a must have addition for utilizing Spindustry Training for consultancy services. Spindustry Training also provides a customized Microsoft Office coursework for our employees. The combined services that Spindustry Training provides for our multiple departments attributes to the overall success providing quality services to the citizens of the City of West Des Moines. Feel free to contact me with any additional information you would need in providing an extremely inspiring reference for Spindustry Training.​"

- Ryan S. -

City of West Des Moines